Rethinking eating disorders as both psychiatric & metabolic

Authors Dr Jennifer Jordan, Senior Lecturer, University of Otago & Co-lead Investigator, EDGI NZ, Christchurch Professor Martin Kennedy, Genetics researcher, University of Otago & Co-lead...
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Participant stories


Jordyn’s Story

Jordyn, accountant & crafts enthusiast who developed anorexia nervosa after being bullied as a child, AUCKLAND. Accountant and crafts enthusiast, Jordyn, 24, has struggled with...

Dave’s story

Dave, 51, Music lover & keen hiker who has waged an ongoing battle with eating disorders since his mid-teens, CHRISTCHURCH  Animal and music lover who...

Amy’s story

Amy, 22, English Literature & Psychology student & avid writer, diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in her early teens, WELLINGTON The artificial control of anorexia was,...

Jess’ story

Jess, 27, Eating disorders recovery coach whose love of dance fuelled her recovery from anorexia nervosa, AUCKLAND Eating disorders recovery coach Jess, 27, Auckland has...

Claireabelle’s story

Claireabelle, 27, Bride to be, nanny & social influencer who has experienced a trifecta of eating disorders, TIMARU Nanny and social influencer, Claireabelle, 27, Timaru,...

Claudia’s story

University student & yoga teacher who lost her teenage years to anorexia, AUCKLAND Event management and marketing student and yoga teacher Claudia, 21, Auckland loves...

Angela’s story

Mother-to-two & writing enthusiast who lived with bulimia nervosa for more than a decade, AUCKLAND When mother-to-two and writing enthusiast, Angela, 49, Auckland was only...

Caitlin’s story

Operations & sales manager who was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in her late twenties, AUCKLAND Operations and sales manager for a fashion designer Caitlin, 30,...

Fin’s story

Fin, 21, Business diploma recipient with a passion for fashion design who lived with anorexia nervosa throughout his teens, DUNEDIN   Business diploma recipient, Fin,...

Megan’s story

‘Health navigator’ who spent eight years grappling with anorexia nervosa, CHRISTCHURCH Megan, 23, Christchurch, is a dedicated ‘health navigator’, who works with individuals to overcome...

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